Rotary Club Temple TX Raises Funds for Ukrainian Refugees

The club still has $335 in matching funds and will continue to fundraise from its members through April 8.

TEMPLE, Texas – A Temple club has raised more than $15,000 to help provide food, water, medical supplies and shelter for Ukrainian refugees.

In a press release, the Rotary Club of Temple said the money will go to Rotary’s Disaster Response Fund, which provides essential humanitarian support to Ukrainians.

“Service before self is our motto, and Rotary International has always helped people in need with projects around the world, from drilling water wells to fighting polio,” said Rod Henry, president. of the Rotary Club of Temple.

Barbara Bozon, president of the Temple Rotary Foundation, said they reached their goal so quickly that they set a higher goal and then surpassed it, thanks to local members.

“I’m incredibly proud, impressed and not at all surprised at what Rotary clubs around the world are doing to help the people of Ukraine,” former club president Jack Jones said. “Once again, Rotarians speak with their actions, not their words, and they do so immediately and with a unified effort. When people are in pain and in need of care, they can always count on Rotary to be the first responder. We are truly all citizens of the same world. God bless Rotary.

According to a press release, the club still has $335 in matching funds and will continue to raise funds from its members through April 8.