Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania wins CDO of Revenue NSW – Strategy – Training & Development

The Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania (RACT) has brought former Revenue NSW Chief Digital Officer Kathleen Mackay to a new role as Chief Information Technology Officer.

Mackay left Revenue NSW in October 2021 after three and a half years with the agency.

She has since moved to Tasmania and oversees IT services for the organization.

RACT Group CEO Mark Mugnaioni said iTnews that Mackay “is responsible for the strategic direction, transformation, and operational effectiveness of all technology and data services in support of RACT’s goals and priorities.”

“This involves partnering with all of the organization’s business units and the broader technology industry to innovate and deliver the technology, organizational operating models, capabilities and culture needed to transform RACT. towards its future vision,” he said.

Mugnaioni said the newly created CITO position is part of RACT’s broader strategy; “The organization has recently made significant acquisitions and divestitures to enable us to offer more to our members,” he said.

“This included selling our tourism portfolio to our partner club NRMA and reinvesting in RACT Insurance, signing an agreement to acquire the remaining 50% of the shares of our valued partner Suncorp.”

Mugnaioni said RACT’s management team “has been extensively restructured following the merger of the insurance functions and the former RACT technology.”

“The title change for the role is simply because RACT has an insurance director and two ‘CIOs’ [acronyms in the business] would be confusing,” he said.

A spokesperson for Revenue NSW said iTnews that Mike Dudarenok has served as the agency’s acting chief digital officer since Mackay’s departure in November 2021.

“Following a competitive recruitment process, a new chief digital officer will take office on Monday, February 28,” the spokesperson added.

“The role will oversee digital innovation and business process transformation to achieve the best results for customers and Revenue NSW.”