Sam’s Club vs. Costco: Which Warehouse Club is Better?

Sam’s Club and Costco are among the most popular warehouse clubs that allow shoppers to take advantage of members-only savings on everything from bulk toilet paper to new tires. If you’ve ever wondered if a Sam’s Club or Costco membership is worth the price, discounted gas, prescriptions, free delivery, and cheap food courts are just some of the many perks that make it worthwhile. . If you’re considering joining a wholesale club but aren’t sure which one is right for you, read on for everything you need to know about Sam’s Club and Costco.

What to know about Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is owned by Walmart and has nearly 600 clubs in the United States and Puerto Rico, many of which have a fuel center. With average savings of around 30 cents per gallon, it’s no wonder everyone loves Sam’s Club gasoline. Besides cheap gas, there are plenty of reasons to shop at Sam’s Club. Shoppers can find items from many trusted national brands as well as the club member’s own brand at great prices, and if you’re planning a vacation you can get exclusive discounts at a number of theme parks and attractions. attractions, including Walt Disney World.

If you’re leaning towards a Sam’s Club membership, you might want to check out their store-issued credit card which will earn you 1% or 3% back on purchases depending on the membership level you select as well as 5 % cashback on gas.

What to know about Costco

Like Sam’s Club, Costco has nearly 600 warehouses in the United States and Puerto Rico. Along with discounted prices on a huge selection of private labels as well as their own Kirkland-branded products, Costco membership has many benefits.

Members rave about everything from Costco’s famous $5 roast chickens to the company’s generous return policy and discounted Top Tier gas. Members can also get exclusive deals on travel, home and auto insurance, window and flooring installation, and more.

Costco is also a great place to buy appliances and housewares. If you think a Costco membership may be for you, you might also consider applying for their store-issued credit card which will earn you Costco cash rewards wherever Visa cards are accepted.

Costco Membership vs Sam’s Club Membership

Both wholesale clubs offer two different levels of membership to suit your needs and budget. Each level includes a variety of money-saving benefits, access to their members-only gas stations, and an additional membership card for another member of your household. Upgraded memberships from both clubs offer a cash back incentive.

An annual Sam’s Club membership will only cost you $45. With this membership, you’ll get free curbside pickup, same-day delivery at just $12 per order, and access to their warehouses, gas stations, and tire and battery centers. If you have a Sam’s Club MasterCard, you’ll earn 1% cash back on all Sam’s Club purchases. If you opt for their $100 Plus membership, you’ll get all of these benefits, plus 2% back on qualifying purchases up to $500, free shipping, same-day delivery of $8, savings on pharmacy and optics, and 3% cash back on all Sam’s. Club purchases with your Sam’s Club MasterCard.

Costco’s Gold Star membership will cost you $60 for the year and will allow you to shop in-store and online, where you can get free two-day shipping on purchases over $75. You will also be able to save on gas, prescriptions, glasses and travel. Meanwhile, its Executive Membership, which costs $120 per year, gives you a 2% annual reward up to $1,000, service discounts, and a monthly Costco Connection magazine subscription on top of the member benefits. GoldStar.

Does Costco or Sam’s Club have cheaper prices?

Although Costco’s membership fees are more expensive than Sam’s Club, they are only $15 more for the basic tier and $20 more for higher tier memberships. And while Costco and Sam’s Club prices on food and other items like clothes, books, and toys are close, Costco’s prices are usually a bit cheaper.

Sam’s Club or Costco: which is better?

Both wholesale clubs offer similar shopping experiences of bulk purchases in a brightly lit warehouse. Finding what you need is relatively easy. Both clubs also offer discounted gas and food courts that allow you to feed a family of five for less than $20.

If you live near both clubs, you can try either one. Sam’s Club offers a free 90-day trial membership for new members. The trial membership gives you all the benefits of membership, including a membership card for you and another member of your household. Costco does not offer a trial subscription, but its 100% satisfaction guarantee extends to subscriptions. In other words, if you sign up for a Costco membership but later decide it’s not for you, Costco will cancel and refund your membership at any time.

As for which one is better, it ultimately depends on your location and shopping preferences. While Sam’s Club offers more brand name products, its prices are slightly higher. Still, deciding that one club is better than the other is no small feat. In the end, the deciding factor for us was quality. From Top Tier gas to their impressive selection of organic products, Costco comes out on top.

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