Seventeen Watch Club’s Pick: “Euphoria” Season 2

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Like the rest of the world, we kept thinking about HBO’s hit series Euphoria since its first fall in 2019. Whether it’s the glitzy makeup, the quirky fashion choices, or the fact that we eat anything Zendaya does, the series is an obvious fan favorite. By grabbing the creative lens from drug addict Sam Levinson, Euphoria explores heavy topics that many people face in real life, such as drug addiction, toxic relationship dynamics, and internalized homophobia. The daring story of beloved characters Rue and Jules continued with a two-part special between the first two seasons, addressing the struggles of young romance and recovery through intimate dialogue.

Since the season 1 premiere, there’s no doubt that Euphoria has left a hard-hitting mark on pop culture and influenced modern trends. Tons of TikToks have emerged from the colorful light aesthetic of the Euphoria cinematographic universe while brands have turned the show’s hype into trendy accessories and shade-changing beauty products for fans to recreate her signature looks. The highly anticipated second season has finally returned to our screens, which means there is so much more to look forward to from the East Highland High School team. Whether you’re looking for outfit inspiration or want all the details on this season’s * incredibly * eventful storyline, Watch Club of the Seventeen is the place to be for all things Euphoria.

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If you or a loved one is struggling with drug addiction, please visit or call the Addiction and Mental Health Administration’s national helpline at 1-800-662-4357.