Shovel Knight dev Yacht Club reveals Mina the Hollower, a Zelda-inspired game

Yacht Club Games, the developer of the Shovel Knight series, announced its upcoming game on Tuesday during the Yacht Club Games Presents stream. The studio’s next title will be an original adventure inspired by the Game Boy Color. It’s called Mina the digger.

The game is still in early development, Yacht Club said, and the studio is seeking funding through an ongoing Kickstarter campaign. “We want your feedback, collaboration and support to make Mina the digger the best possible game,” the developers said.

The developers released a trailer alongside its Mina the digger reveal. In the game, you play as Mina, a mouse who fights her way through various dungeons using a whip and other items. Like shovel knight, Mine features an 8-bit art style – the game’s visuals look very much like a bloated version of the Game Boy Color game The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening from 1993. The Kickstarter page says the team plans to create a game that works in “60 [frames-per-second] action-combat.

The Yacht Club released the independent darling shovel knight in 2014 after a successful crowdfunding campaign. Since then, the iconic shovel-wielding knight has gone on to inspire a string of spin-off games and sequels, and even got cameos in games like Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The team announced their other upcoming title, shovel knight digging, in 2019. The newest Yacht Club game, Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeonwas released in 2021 on multiple platforms.