Show bravery: Nutley firefighters win Club 200 award

NUTLEY, NJ – Two Nutley firefighters recently won a “Valor Award” from the Two Hundred Club of Essex County.

Nutley firefighter Vincent Lehman and Captain William Vonroth were recognized as part of this year’s Valor Awards.

According to the club, here’s why:

“Nutley Fire Department firefighter Vincent Lehman and Captain William Vonroth for showing extreme courage in going straight into the flow path to search for trapped fire victims and rescue a life.”

The Two Hundred Club of Essex County, which was founded in 1966 to assist the families of police officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty, and is the oldest such organization, will hold its 56th annual luncheon of gallantry awards at Nanina’s in the Park, 540 Mill Street in Belleville on Tuesday, May 10. For more information or to purchase tickets, contact 973-694-4982.

This year, 28 police officers and 16 firefighters will be recognized for “their bravery, their devotion to duty, their courageous vigilance and their selflessness”.

Since the Valor Awards were not awarded in 2020 due to the pandemic, this year’s awards include actions taken in 2020 and 2021.

“While everyone was at home working virtually for the past two years because of the pandemic, these excellent police, firefighters and first responders had no such luxury, they had to show up – the public expected what they show up for, protect, and respond to their calls for service. Fortunately, and with no regard for their own safety, they responded beautifully,” said Essex County Sheriff, Board Member Armando Fontoura. of Directors of the Two Hundred Club.

Nominations for the Two Hundred Club Bravery Awards are made by Essex County Municipal and Fire Department chiefs and commanders of federal, state and regional public safety agencies. Valor Award recipients are selected by the Two Hundred Club Executive Committee.

Since its inception, the Two Hundred Club of Essex County has raised more than $2 million to support the wives of deceased officers and fund college scholarships for their children.