Sierra Club backs Adam Hattersley in race for CFO

National environmental group Sierra Club backs Democrat Adam Hatterley in the CFO race, the organization revealed.

David Harbeitnerpresident of the political committee of the Florida chapter of the Sierra Club, cited the “inefficiency” of the incumbent Republican chief financial officer Jimmy Patronis and the “lack of meaningful reform” following the collapse of the building in Surfside in August 2021 for the group’s approval.

“Over the past four years, corporate interests have been put before the citizens of Florida. As a result, the property insurance market is near collapse, with individual homeowners paying the price. The lack of meaningful reforms to assess the risks to our condominium residents after the Seaside Building collapse further reflects the ineffectiveness of our current CFO,” Harbeitner said in a prepared statement released Thursday.

“Rather than being a leader protecting citizens, he is simply reacting to what the Governor directs him to do. We are confident that Hattersley will continue the work he did when he was a member of the Florida House of Representatives. , focusing on representing everyday Floridians and protecting our interests.

Tampa resident Hattersley won a State House seat in 2018 but opted to run for Congress in 2020. He lost the Democratic primary for the District 15 seat to Alain Cohnwho then lost the general election contest for that seat to the Republican Scott Franklin.

Harbeitner also noted Hattersley’s sponsorship of a bill to protect endangered species and the importance of fighting global warming to preserve Florida’s environment.

“I am thrilled and honored to earn the Sierra Club’s endorsement,” Hattersley said in a released statement.

“Having the support of such an important and respected organization, which does incredible advocacy and public work, is a major benefit to our campaign. I am ready to finally bring representation of all Floridians back to the CFO’s office and make sure we do everything we can to save you money and make Florida the best place to raise a family AND come visit.

Beyond the endorsement, Harbeitner pledged to use the group’s volunteers to help Hattersley’s campaign, which could use the boost to overcome the Patronis. great fundraising benefit. By early September, Patronis had $4.5 million in his campaign and political committee combined, while Hattersley had just $9,000 in his campaign account. Patronis has also just released its first TV spot of the campaign this week.

“Dozens of Sierra Club volunteers will be contacting voters on Hattersley’s behalf and we will speak to the public as often as possible about their exemplary environmental record and ongoing concern for the well-being of Floridian,” Harbeitner added. “We look forward to a win for Hattersley on election night.”

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