Swedish Club now offers bespoke loss prevention solutions at the push of a button

Swedish Club has just launched a brand new version of its hugely popular Swedish Club OnLine portal. SCOL has been a valuable resource for members, brokers and other stakeholders for many years, providing information on insurance status, claims and benchmarking. However, as technology is constantly improving, the Club wanted to exploit these new technologies and share them with its members and business colleagues.

The new generation of SCOL is more user-friendly, with simpler and more direct navigation and search tools. TELP, the Club’s innovative loss prevention tool, has its own space, and the new portal also offers a wealth of loss prevention advice and information – all at the touch of a button. A library is now available where members have easy access to all loss prevention publications and other resources.

Lars Malm, Director of Strategic Business Development and Customer Relations at The Club, said: “We believe the new features we have added will bring real added value to members and business partners, especially analysis of claims provided for each vessel and across a member’s fleet. . The new generation of SCOL is now tightly integrated with the specific needs of the user and has been designed to deliver customized loss prevention solutions directly to their desktop.

Before launching the new site, the Club extensively tested the prototype with business partners.

Inger Landerholm, Managing Director of Capital Insurance Services MIS, says: “SCOL has always been a good tool in our daily administration. It makes it even better.

New SCOL loss prevention homepage

Users connect to a homepage and can easily view the position of all their vessels, using an interactive map or via simple menus. This information is updated hourly. A sophisticated search function allows users to find a vessel by name or IMO number. Users can see directly under each vessel when something new has happened or new documents are available using a notification.

The previous site allowed members to compare the performance and loss levels of their vessels against similar fleets – and this capability has been enhanced with the introduction of a ‘heat map’, showing where losses are occurring more frequently and also highlighting the current claims of the particular member. The system provides advanced claims analysis offering smart analytics where members can do their analysis on their own claims or on all Club claims.

Also, now that TELP is integrated into SCOL, users can access all TELP advice via a map; by simply clicking on the vessel to receive all relevant information and alerts for the area, color coded according to type. They can also now log into SCOL and select specific vessels or individuals to which TELP messages should be sent. This feature has proven very popular with the Club’s ‘test riders’.

Sanne Hauschildt, Managing Director, NSB Claim Solutions GmbH, says: “The new TELP section is working very well, a wonderful feature!”
Source: The Swedish club