Tailem Bend Sports Club bounces back from devastating cybercrime | The Murray Valley Standard

A MURRAYLANDS sports club is pleased to announce that it is financially on track after a devastating cybercrime saw the club stolen over $150,000 last year.

In April 2021, the The Tailem Bend Netball Club has fallen victim to a sophisticated scam after undertaking much needed improvements to the grounds and facilities of the club.

The theft of money meant completed work was not paid for leaving contractors unpaid and the club in huge debt, however, the club reported they were back on track after many hours fundraising.

Tailem Bend Netball Club President Denise Edwards said the club has been overwhelmed with the support and generosity of so many people and organizations.

“After months of worrying and tireless fundraising, we are happy to report that we are now financially on track,” she said.

“Fortunately, our insurance claim was successful for a portion of the funds, and through a combination of our own efforts, individual, corporate and organizational donations, and a Go-Fund Me page, we have been able to finalize the contractor’s outstanding debts and repay our Council Loan.

“We are ‘paid in full’ and breathe a huge sigh of relief.”

Ms Edwards said the club committee, members and volunteers have come together to raise funds.

“We were all driven by the determination to see our contractors paid, our project completed and our club financially on track,” she said.

“We relentlessly planned and facilitated eight major fundraising projects in four months – all of which were well supported and successful in raising much needed funds, and while enduring the COVID curve throughout the 2021 season.

Ms Edwards said welcoming the Murraylands and netball communities and what positive public action meant for the club?

With so many people to thank, we were truly overwhelmed by the support we received from everywhere.

“Our local community and the surrounding Murraylands communities were amazing; businesses, individuals, local netball and sports clubs and organizations, as well as other netball clubs from across the state.

She said that although the club was out of debt, cybercrime had left the club feeling vulnerable but more alert before paying future bills.

“We have learned a lot going forward and are proud of what we were able to accomplish in a short time to ensure a positive financial outcome,” she said.

The club has offered a warning to other clubs and non-profit groups to ensure they do not experience this kind of theft.

Make sure you have sound financial processes and procedures in place when paying large sums of money…ask questions – ask for clarification, check, double-check and triple-check every detail,” Ms Edwards said.

The club said it was grateful to the many companies and groups that helped out during this difficult time.

“This experience has highlighted how lucky we are to be part of such a wonderful sporting community,” she said.

“The contributions and continued support of opposing Murray River clubs has been a beautiful reminder of the camaraderie and brotherhood generated by the sport.

“We are grateful to everyone who has shown their support and we look forward to sharing our new facility with our wonderful netball community.”

Ms Edwards said special thanks went to Murraylands Star Club officer Marc Maddaford.

“(Marc) was on ‘speed dial’ throughout the ordeal, creating an invaluable maze of support between all stakeholders of our netball club… his quick responsive actions, knowledge, expertise and guidance savvy allowed us to successfully navigate the situation,” she said.