Tesla returns to the trillion dollar market cap club (NASDAQ: TSLA)

Various photographs/iStock Editorial via Getty Images

Tesla (TSLA) +4.3%) recorded another gain on Wednesday morning as he headed for a seven-game winning streak and a week yield greater than 25%.

Electric vehicle stock caught the eye this week after the Gigafactory opened in Germany and normal production resumed in Shanghai.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and German Economy Minister Robert Habeck were with Elon Musk at the launch of the Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg, located in the city of Grünheide. Musk called the opening another step towards a sustainable future.

The market capitalization of Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) is back to nearly $1 trillion as the company joins Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet and Amazon in the exclusive four-comma club.

Looking ahead, Morgan Stanley noted that Tesla’s (TSLA) big advantage could be the level of manufacturing.

Analyst Adam Jonas said Tesla is developing technology that may eventually be able to make a car’s body from a single piece of cast aluminum alloy like a fuselage into which it can inject its battery. structural. “A fusion of the battery into the structural integrity of the vehicle has the ability to significantly improve vehicle range per unit mass, resulting in additional savings at the vehicle level over a wider range of OE battery metals sustainable,” he wrote. This leaves open the possibility that Tesla (TSLA) may one day introduce vehicles with a starting point as low as $15,000 in order to enter key emerging markets like India.

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