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Dungeness (by David James Silk of Thanet Photo Club)

Isle of Thanet Photographic Society

In our digital world, some members of Thanet’s photo club have bucked the trend and stepped back in time. Our enthusiastic ‘analogue group’ uses and explores alternative and traditional methods of producing photographic images. It gives members a way to show and get feedback on footage that wouldn’t be seen or acceptable in normal ‘Camera Club Competitions’, as well as demonstrate all that is possible, learning forgotten techniques for a long time by many.

The group uses a wide variety of cameras and other means of capturing images, ranging from 5″x4″ format to homemade pinhole cameras, as well as a wide selection of vintage cameras dating back to 1900. Glass plates and other vintage films are regularly used. Alternative ideas are tried, including the magazine, the appropriation of television and even the making of a camera obscura to create images.

Group members benefited not only from field trips using film, but also from film development meetings and cyanotype workshops.

An iconic image of Kent is the shingle beach and huts of Dungeness. The Dungeness photograph (by David James Silk) was on an HP3 glass plate made in 1950 but exposed and developed in 2022!

In the meantime, members look forward to upcoming competitions and conferences.

New members are welcome. We meet at Ramsgate Football Club on Mondays at 7.30pm. For more information and our program please visit our website: or visit us on Facebook.

Plea to find John Skidmore

The Westgate-on-Sea Community Center Association is looking for help in finding our charity’s chairman, John Skidmore.

John has been a constant supporter of all and life president of the community center charity, attending as many meetings as he could. Prior to the Covid lockdown, John was always happy to accept a lift to the center for regular meetings. Once meetings resumed, it was discovered that John had moved out of his flat in Kimberly Court, Westgate-on-Sea, but no one seemed to know where to go.

I hope John is happy and healthy. But where? The committee would like to have contacts and keep John informed of the progress of the association.

The charity’s AGM will be in April and it would be nice to hear a few words from John.

Please send any information to the email

Ramsgate Tunnels Residents Membership Card

Ramsgate Tunnels offers city residents discounts on tours, coffee, gift shop and some special offers.

Ramsgate residents are welcome to apply for a free discount card which will give them year-round discounts on exploration tours and purchases in the cafe and gift shop. There will also be special offers from time to time.

Tunnels chief executive Emma Boast explained: “Since reopening the tunnels for the first time since the Second World War, we have had tremendous support from the residents of Ramsgate and now is the time to give something back. in return. Without their support, and that of our fantastic army of volunteers, the tunnels would still be sealed and a deteriorating liability beneath the city. Instead, they are now a seven-day-a-week, year-round attraction, drawing thousands of visitors to the city each year.

Anyone living in the CT11 or CT12 postcode area wishing to apply for a card should request an application form by emailing, or collect an application form from the ticket office. After completing a short application form, you will receive your card at your doorstep.

League of Friends of QEQM Hospital

Something else we were recently able to fund thanks to our wonderful donors and fundraisers are 8 Sara Stedy standing and transfer aids, one of which is being demonstrated by members of the material handling team manual Doma Dupka and Jenny Stone.

They are now just around the hospital at:

  • Has been
  • Bishopstone neighborhood
  • Merry Sparrow Quarter
  • Coronary Care Unit
  • discharge lounge
  • Neighborhood Quex
  • Surgical pre-assessment, and
  • Ultrasound (X-rays)

Sharon Rindsland, Moving and Handling Coordinator, said: “These devices provide a more appropriate alternative to a wheelchair for more mobile patients, promoting their dignity and independence. They provide sit-stand support for patients to visit the toilet and sink safely and provide reassuring eye contact between patient and patient. caregiver.

If you would like to help us fund items like these donations, you can donate or create a fundraising page at

Feel free to like/follow us on our Facebook page.

6th Ramsgate Royal Harbor Sea Scouts

The 6th Ramsgate Royal Harbor Sea Scouts have served the community of Royal Harbor since before the Second World War, for over seventy years. They have provided thousands of youth and adult volunteers with opportunities to learn lifelong skills that support emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health, and now they have an ambitious new plan for the future.

Their plan is to renovate the Ice House in the Royal Port of Ramsgate, which was donated to them through Community Asset Transfer in 2019, creating a community center that will provide opportunities for our Scout group and the wider community.

There are few places where community organizations or individuals can rent affordable space in the central Port area of ​​Ramsgate, and they want to change that. The Ice House has the potential to provide fully accessible community rooms that will serve many uses.

The group is keen to hear from community groups who might be interested in using the community halls or anyone who can help the project through volunteering.

For more information visit or contact

Margate Civic Society

Our first New Year’s meeting was a very informative talk by John and Janet Robinson called ‘The Story of Epple Bay’. Thank you to those who were present and to those who renewed their subscription and kindly made donations.

The next meeting will be Thursday, March 3 at 7:30 p.m. (participants must be seated by 7:15 p.m., please) and we are happy to be back at our usual location: the Walpole Bay Hotel ( in the Ballroom), Fifth Avenue, Cliftonville, Margate CT9 2JJ.

This meeting will bring some well-deserved sunshine and a touch of Italian elegance, which I am sure we will all appreciate!

The evening will begin with member reviews, after which our guest speaker: Hugh Raggett (an Emmy Award-winning retired professional filmmaker) will introduce his film and give a talk on “Hanbury Gardens on the Italian Riviera” which is on Sir Thomas Hanbury (famous Quaker and Victorian philanthropist), his relationship with Wisley and the story of his famous garden on the Italian Riviera.

After Hugh’s fascinating presentation, you will have the opportunity to ask questions.

As always throughout the evening, merchandise will be on sale, along with raffle tickets (£1.00 a strip or 6 for £5.00) with the draw at the end of the evening.

All are welcome – the nominal entry fee is £3.50 for non-members.

If you are interested in joining the Margate Civic Society or would like to find out more, please see our website for details.