The 5 best Wine Club delivery and subscription services

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It is always a good idea to have several bottles of wine in your house. For example, if you have company and you don’t know their taste preferences, or if you desperately need to relax and the thought of having to leave your home to go to the liquor store would be too exhausting to be. considered. Although the best part about having a strong wine supply is that you can always dig in when you need a quick gift. Of course, building your wine collection can also seem daunting, especially if you are new to wine.

This is one of the reasons wine subscriptions are a thing.

You’ve probably received a few announcements or maybe even know someone who subscribes to a company that delivers bottles of wine to their door every month, and it makes sense. As well as helping newbies build a cellar, these sets are perfect for any wine novice looking to understand and expand their palate.

Below are five wine brands that offer monthly subscriptions or wine club delivery services that we believe are worth your money. Oh, and the majority of these brands offer gift cards, so if you’re still shopping for the holidays, you could do worse.

Naked Wines

Naked Wines

If you’re looking to support independent wineries while sipping some truly unique yet affordable wines that you probably won’t find in your local liquor store, Naked Wines is the service for you. The 12-year-old company invests in over 150 independent winemakers and sells their premium bottled wine at relatively cheap prices. Like Business intern Note, the operation is akin to ‘Shark Tank’, where ‘the winemakers offer a wine and if it is approved, Naked Wines will give them a lead to make the product. Part of the funding comes from “Angel” members who “invest” $ 40 each month. Members can then use this accumulated credit on their wine orders on the site. So it’s like a traditional subscription service where you pay a recurring monthly fee, but not quite either.

While you don’t get a box of wine automatically shipped to your door every month, the site’s Angel members save 40-60% on their orders, and they get other incentives like free samples.



One of the most well-known and affordable wine club memberships, Winc is ideal for the wine novice or the wine drinker who isn’t a total snob. Because Winc makes “wine for the people, not for the critics”.

The wine subscription service offers wine that it produces itself – including the rosé beloved by Instagram influencers, “Summer water”- but don’t let the virality of it all put you off as we tested a few Winc wines and were pleasantly surprised. Again, I’m no wine expert, just a straightforward person who, when presented with a bottle of wine, will conscientiously consume half, if not all, without blinking. But my partner and I really enjoyed the Rosa Obscura Red Blend 2018 that came in our subscription box, a light, semi-sweet and drinkable wine.

Most importantly, I enjoyed the wine selection process. Before signing up for a monthly subscription, which starts at $ 30 for three bottles, you take a short quiz about your taste preferences, with questions like how you have your coffee, whether you prefer M & Ms or Skittles. , and which regions interest you. while trying the wine from.

It’s an affordable wine club membership that has fun wines at a decent price.

First leaf

First leaf

Like Winc, Firstleaf also offers a quiz to determine which bottles would best suit your tastes. Here you can document your likes and dislikes, whether you consider yourself a newbie or a wine connoisseur, etc. Once you have signed up, Firstleaf will send a box of award winning wines to your doorstep and let me tell you, I was quite impressed with the selection sent to me. The company works with some of the world’s largest wine producers, cutting out the middleman and allowing Firstleaf members to save up to 60% on retail prices.

If you want more for your money, Firstleaf is a no-brainer. You can get your first order, which includes six bottles of wine for just $ 40 plus free shipping, which translates to $ 6 a bottle. Thereafter, members will pay $ 13 per bottle. And like Winc, you’ll be able to rate the wines you’ve tried, so Firstleaf can get a better idea of ​​what to send to you next.



BOXT is perfect for the drinker who cares about the environment and loves a strong pour.

The celebrity-favorite, eco-friendly women-founded wine brand is an elevated version of your tried-and-true boxed wine (like Franzia got a makeover). Made in Napa, each box of fine wine holds the equivalent of four bottles and, unlike traditional wine bottles, can stay fresh for up to thirty days after opening.

BOXT offers nine profiles ranging from “bright, lively, dry” white wine to “coarse, fat, sweet” red wine to “blushing, lively, floral, delicate” rosé, all packaged in 100% compostable boxes. You can buy BOXT à la Carte wines ($ 89 per box) Where Sign up for one of two subscription plans where you can save 20% on one or two boxes of wine each month, plus free shipping and a personal wine concierge.

Usual wines

Usual wines

Usual Wines offers its delicious all-natural wines in uniquely designed individual bottles. It’s like the Keruig of wine.

The brand offers six, 12, 18 and t24 packs of their Brut, Rosé and Red bottles, as well as a mixed pack with all three flavors, all of which are sustainably grown in Californian vineyards and contain no additives or Chemical product.

That comes down to $ 8 a glass, and you can buy individual cases ranging from $ 48 to $ 192 – or subscribe and save 17% and get the amount and flavor you want delivered to your door every month.