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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 06. 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vancouver’s Club Kitchen will give restaurateurs the opportunity to start or expand their takeout/delivery business in just days instead of years. It will offer 13 private, fully-equipped, turnkey kitchens in a single location that also offers shared management and reduced start-up, purchase and operating costs. Club Kitchen will also dramatically increase each restaurant’s chance of success by eliminating many of the risks, costs and delays that cause 60% of restaurants to close in their first year.

From its Yaletown location at The Arc (988 Expo Boulevard), Club Kitchen will provide access to more than 100,000 potential customers within a 10-minute drive and 10,000 customers within a 10-minute walk. Overall, this will mean shorter distances between vehicles for delivery, fewer vehicle trips for pickup, and fresher food for more people. Inside, Club Kitchen will offer 13 separate, fully equipped, delivery-focused kitchen spaces (200 square feet to 350 square feet) designed by chefs for chefs, with most permits and insurance already in place. Without having to navigate the time-consuming and complicated processes of designing, building, and opening a restaurant, operators can be cooking and turning a profit in just days compared to the months or years typically spent opening a restaurant. a physical restaurant.

With multiple brands operating under one roof, Club Kitchen will operate as one large restaurant group that leverages the purchasing power of member restaurants to significantly reduce their operating costs. Club Kitchen already has strategic partnerships with suppliers such as Sysco, Gordon Food Services, Foodbuy Canada, Russell Hendrix and Procter & Gamble, and delivery companies such as Uber Eats, DoorDash and SkipTheDishes. In addition to offering a revenue-sharing pricing structure, Club Kitchen has also negotiated preferred rates for services such as housekeeping, trash removal, security, preventative maintenance, and equipment repair. .

Club Kitchen’s in-house concierge team will assist restaurants with order management and fulfillment and handle all in-room operations such as food transfer, logistics, building services and maintenance, and Moreover. Using the POS technology provided by Club Kitchen, operators will be able to manage their delivery orders from multiple platforms with a single centralized tablet and have full control of their data, including payment solutions, order tracking and more. Again.

Club Kitchen is backed by Terry Hui, CEO of Concord Pacific and led by JJ Fraser and Hugh Carbery, two restaurant industry leaders with extensive experience in managing and launching restaurant brands across North America. North. They also have first-hand knowledge of the challenges of high start-up costs, complicated and time-consuming permitting processes, securing many types of required insurance, and maintaining, retaining, and managing the workforce. work in progress. With Fraser, Carbery and the Club Kitchen team taking care of most of the non-kitchen responsibilities, restaurateurs will need far fewer staff to operate, allowing them to pay better and retain customers better. workers in an industry where workers are notoriously underpaid, and labor is scarce.

“I am excited to invest in this idea with a team of seasoned food industry professionals,” said Terry Hui, CEO of Concord Pacific. “It’s a creative use of real estate and technology. This would certainly lower the barriers to entry for new food entrepreneurs and allow them to focus on their food concepts.

“Anyone who has ever opened a restaurant knows that navigating the permitting process and building a space takes a tremendous amount of time and effort,” says JJ Fraser, Director of Operations, Club Kitchen. “Now that long trip can be shortened to days at a fraction of the cost. Plus, with shared overhead and front-line staff, Club Kitchen members can focus on running a profitable business with lower/shared overhead I wish this existed when I started, but I’m so excited to help bring this concept to the next generation of restaurateurs.

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