The Horsham Boxing Club show is packed with action

Henry Orsini in action against Matt Davie. Photo: Dean Street Designs

The evening was action-packed, with 13 competitive bouts evenly matched, with 11 representing Horsham Boxing Club.

The evening began with two skills bouts which give young boxers the opportunity to show off their skills in a no-win contest. Horsham’s Archie Draper was first against Epsom Boxing Academy’s Jay Twilley. From the first bell, Archie dominated, landing clean combinations and working on the front foot. Since it was a skills fight, at the end of the first round, Archie was instructed to use only his main hand for the rest of the fight. With a comfortable and impressive performance for young boxer Horsham, both guys had their hands up at the end of the fight.

Next up was 15-year-old 100kg, 6ft3 boxer James Wenman of Horsham who also competed in a skills contest against Alfie Harrison of Willenhall ABC. James came out strong, starting with a fast pace and catching Harrison with a variety of punches. Although under pressure, the Willenhall boxer continued to trade with Wenman, with both boys trading and catching their opponent. Round two was much the same as James impressed with his boxing and engine to get through the round while continuously dropping his hands. In the final round, both guys were showing signs of fatigue after what was a good competitive contest and, again, both had their hands up at the final bell.

Phelan Jeffrey and Charlie Perry

Horsham Boxing Club’s Ferad Yetik, just 11 years old and 27kg, took on Westree ABC’s Daniel Promislovs. Having had 3 skills and now in his second competitive fight, Ferad started the fight showing off his boxing skills as he glided around the ring with quick footwork and worked on landing counter punches on the move. . Horsham’s young boxer Ferad continued his counterattack, moving light to his feet, while Westree’s Promislovs worked on the front foot. At the final bell, Daniel Promislovs was declared the winner in a close fight.

Next to the box was Jake Durrant, who had his first fight just two weeks ago, in which he voluntarily took late notice and won in impressive fashion for the club during a show at the ‘outside. This time on his home show, Durrant took on Royal Resistance’s Russell Walicki who held the more experienced record of the two. Despite this, Jake came out strong, landing clean punches to the head and body, as he shifted slightly to his feet. Walicki put the pressure on, as you’d expect from the more experienced boxer, but Jake didn’t let him get past that phase and stayed calm, continuing to land clean combinations on the boxer from Royal Resistance. All three rounds were pretty much the same with the fight remaining close throughout, and at the end of the fight Jake Durrant was announced the winner.

Last year’s Southern Counties Schoolboy champion Charlie Perry was next to represent Horsham Boxing Club against Borehamwood Boxing Club’s Joe Prestedge. Charlie started off aggressively, catching his opponent with a right hand, left hook combination that rocked Prestedge, instantly forcing him onto the back foot on the first two punches of the contest. Charlie kept up the pressure, trying to work on the front foot and moving away from his opponent’s shots while continuing to land easily to the head and body. Despite constant pressure from Charlie, the Borehamwood boxer kept fighting. However, after a strong and dominating performance, it was Charlie who took the victory via unanimous decision.

Will Groves will be next for Horsham in his first fight, having shown consistent improvements in the gym. Groves of Horsham took on Alistair Eede of Ringwood and Verwood Boxing in his amateur boxing debut. Will showed his strength from the start, as he caught Eede with sharp, scoring punches from the first bell, forcing his opponent to work, using his boxing abilities against the tough boxer Horsham. The rounds were close and Will continued to make combinations, although Eede continued to use his boxing skills. At the final bell, after a close fight and both boys succeeding in different approaches, Alistair Eede was victorious.

Michael Doyle, 5, with Zak Chelli

Horsham’s Phelan Jeffrey was next to the box, taking on Stonebridge ABC’s Adhurim Latifi. Latifi came out strong, trying to catch Phelan as he used an aggressive approach, but Phe was out of phase when he started his attack, landing hooking punches and shocking his opponent who was forced onto the ropes. In round two, Phelan came out with his aggressive approach, working on the front foot and hurting Latifi as he targeted the head and body. The referee had no choice but to give Latifi a standing 8 count as the Stonebridge boxer seemed to struggle against the relentless pressure Phelan was applying. Phe used that in his favor and backed up his attack which meant the referee had to step in and give Latifi another standing 8 count, but this time the boxer from Stonebridge didn’t look to continue and the referee voided the contest, declaring Phelan the winner.

The next Horsham boxer was Tom Creasey, making his return for the club, with his first fight in 6 years. Tom felt up to the challenge as he seized the opportunity. Having only boxed as a junior, Tom got a new boxing experience as a senior and was set to face Aaron Infante of IQ Boxing Academy. Tom showed off his boxing skills and aggressiveness, as he used his longer reach and in and out moves to land easily on his opponent. IQ’s tough boxer remained resilient, but Tom controlled the fight throughout. At the final bell, Tom Creasey deservedly earned the unanimous decision victory in his return to boxing.

Harry Orsini also made his return for Horsham Boxing Club in his first fight in 8 years, against Fight Hub Felbridge’s Max Davie. Harry used his head movement, as he knew he had to stay disciplined against the much taller Davie, using his skillful movement and targeting the body. Despite Max Davie working hard and throwing a lot of punches, Harry made him work hard and punch in the air. Harry controlled the fight through all three rounds, leaving Davie barely able to land a punch. With all three rounds going the same way, Harry won by unanimous decision.

Oscar Nicholls was next to return to the ring 2 weeks ago, taking a fight on short notice with a comfortable win. Oscar took on Westree ABC’s Raif Valery in what was a fierce contest of the two boxers. Oscar started well, working on the front foot and catching Raif Valery from Westree with clean punches, but Valery started to use his boxing skills and fought back, forcing Oscar onto the back foot. As the fight continued, Oscar showed his tenacity and still landed his own punches, but at the end of the fight, it was Valery who was declared the winner.

The final fight of the night was Horsham’s beloved Zack Treliving who never fails to disappoint. In addition to being the last fight of the evening, it was also the last fight for Zack who started boxing a year and a half ago and was able to build an impressive record of 3 wins in 4 fights. In what would be his last fight, Zack faced St. Marys ABC’s Michael Speller. Zack lived up to his reputation in what was a stunning fight with both boxers giving their all with a buzzing crowd cheering for the boxer from Horsham. Zack was using his good defensive head movement to get away from Speller’s punches and counter with his own solid shots. As boxer Horsham kept control and landed on his opponent, Zack took the unanimous decision victory, much to the delight of the fans as they celebrated the victory as their own.

A successful boxing night for Horsham Boxing Club witnessed great support from all ages. Despite some withdrawals on the day of the show, with Horsham captain Noah Jolly having unfortunately had his opponent retired hours before, the club still managed to run the event smoothly as Noah would have to watch and support his teammates from away from home. ring.

It was also great to have boxers from the club’s ‘Mini Mayhem’ class, which caters to kids ages 5-10, on hand to see the action and observe what they could be like in years to come. come.

Also in attendance was professional boxer and English titleholder Zak Chelli, who is fighting for the European title on Sunday November 27 in London. Zak kindly came to present trophies to the competing boxers and his appearance was greeted with gratitude by all.

Horsham Boxing Club would like to thank everyone who attended and came out to show their support and to all the England boxing officials who helped the show run smoothly. The club also wishes to congratulate all the boxers who entered the ring and particularly the Horsham boxers who, once again, made the club proud.