The launch of the global homeland club

It is the place where cutting-edge social and business networking, leisure, entertainment and a wealth of glorious African heritage and culture intertwine.

Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA – November 9, 2022 – The Fatherland Club is delighted to announce a wonderful opportunity for countless millions of people from all nations across the world to connect. – This could be in person at one of the Homeland Clubs in Creative Homeland Cities around the world, or at a Homeland Holiday, Homeland Club networking dinner, event entertainment or recreation, a seminar venue for the homeland business community, a hobby workshop or virtually (online).

“The Fatherland Club plays a central role in economic, recreational, educational and economic needs, serving as a community center for culture, art, faith and tourism.”

The concept behind Homeland Club is to create value for members, while simultaneously promoting all of the excellent elements that Homeland incorporates for the greater good. There has been a lot of planning for the different strategies, and countless people around the world have been consulted in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

A warm welcome to global homeland clubs

Upon arrival in one of the Creative Homeland Cultural Cities, members will feel a sense of belonging and head straight to the Homeland Member Club. And whether the member lives in town or is just visiting for business or pleasure, they can be sure of a warm welcome and state-of-the-art facilities and services. Superbly decorated and furnished to the highest standards, this is a club like no other. The international and traditional African cuisine restaurant, bar, lounges, cinema, entertainment and presentation room are all VIP level and offer a wonderful warm and friendly atmosphere. Essentially, all homeland clubs provide the perfect setting to meet interesting people from all corners of the world.

Mega Benefits of Joining Homeland Club

“The list of highly beneficial benefits is so long that Homeland Club Membership is hailed as the most beneficial club membership available anywhere in the world. The valuable benefits are intended to attract people from all walks of life: cultural, spiritual, educational, scientific, commercial, etc.

Anyone wishing to join the Fatherland Club will pay a fair, all-inclusive fee of $300 per year ($160 biannually or $100 quarterly), for the Premium Membership Package. Once a member, subscribers will benefit from: unprecedented cross-cultural business and social opportunities; generous discounts on: Fatherland Global travel packages (including pilgrimages); travel and medical insurance for the whole family; medical tourism at the world renowned Homeland Hospital in Badagry, Nigeria; upscale hotels and state-of-the-art rental accommodation; a ground floor opportunity to purchase off-plan luxury properties (villas, maisonettes and apartments with low deposits), as well as office buildings and land for commercial development – ​​all located in the creative cities of world homeland.

Members will also benefit from very advantageous reductions for the education of their children, in the schools of the Patrie (for children of all ages); as well as college students (including adult students of all ages). (It should be noted that some of the university qualifications can be obtained online, with a minimum participation lasting only one or two weeks). In addition, when members are on a day trip, vacation, business trip or reside in one of the creative cultural cities of the Motherland, they will be entitled to favorable discounts on concierge services; rental of cars, helicopters and boats, luxury cars with driver and mini-bus; state-of-the-art office rental space and high-quality state-of-the-art administrative services.

Moreover, in addition to the above, members are also entitled to excellent discounts in the Creative Cultural Cities of the Fatherland: exclusive restaurants of international cuisine and traditional African cuisine, takeaways, bars, nightclubs, theaters and concert halls (with the best international music groups, singers and dancers; as well as film, television and comedy stars); selective bricks and online stores (which stock a wide range of Afro-centric natural products); membership and membership fees for golf clubs, sports clubs and spas, anti-aging regenerative beauty centers; holistic health, natural African herbal medicine and wellness clinics.

Business Symposiums

Homeland Club members who are involved in business or considering starting a new business/start-up will be interested in the great discount they will be given for Homeland Business Symposia. These will be led by top speakers from the upper echelons of finance, business and politics, including industry executives, CEOs, ministers, bankers and even royalty. , from all over Africa, the United States, South America, Asia and Europe. (Homeland Club members will also have exclusive access to these live presentations).

Leisure/Leisure Workshops

The Fatherland aims to enlighten people about Africa’s phenomenal culture and heritage, and to empower people to expand their social circle. So, with these goals in mind, Homeland members will be offered attractive discounts on all leisure, recreational and educational workshops. These will include: cultural and spiritual education, traditional African cooking for beginners and advanced; African traditional crafts and clothing making; dance and sing to African music; acting; stretching and fitness classes on the Afro rhythm; production of videos and films for beginners and intermediates; African African history, African art and culture; an introduction to traditional African herbal medicine, and more!

A chance to get a head start on the job ladder

Fatherland Club members will also have the opportunity to apply for exclusive jobs in various countries with the World Fatherland Organization before they are released to the open market. These can range from jobs that would suit a wide range of applicants, to higher positions, and jobs that would involve regular international travel.

A fair investment

Members will be eligible to make equity investments in the highly promising businesses of Fatherland Fairshares, which work for the benefit of disadvantaged African communities in the US, UK, South America, Africa and other regions of the world.

Phenomenal business and social networking opportunities

Being a member of the Fatherland Club will allow participants to connect with important CEOs, dignitaries and other major players, who can help boost their existing business, organization or start-up. Additionally, members will have the chance to expand their social circle by meeting like-minded people for friendship and romance!

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