The Manifest Magic Urban Eco Lens Club graduated its first class of students

Through December 20, 2021 3:16 P.M.

CLARKSVILLE, TN – The first class of the Manifest Magic Urban Eco Lens Club graduated on December 18 with 13 students.

AT&T Pioneers awarded $ 4,000 to Manifest Magic: Black Girl Cooperative to purchase cellphones, protective covers and phone insurance for marginalized students so they can participate in a new partnership program that aims to teach students how to document and tell their personal and environmental conservation stories to help bring about significant change in their local communities.

The students met weekly for eight weeks and learned how to locate a local environmental or conservation problem in an urban environment, how to present the problem to the public, how to gain support for the project through non-traditional technology, how to write press releases. and how to use social media, and how to pitch the project to a government agency.

This new curriculum has increased students’ awareness of environmental and ecological issues in their area, how it affects them and their families, and how they can use non-traditional technologies to voice their concerns about environmental issues and conservation in their local communities and the city as a whole.

This is the very first program of its kind in our region. Please contact Manifest magic if you want to enroll your student.