The Racing Social Club fights inequalities in the world of racing with its RSC fund

Racing Social Club is a project that bridges the gap between Web3 and the real-world racing community. Available opportunities include race weekends, VIP experiences, giveaways, and even eSports events. RSC aims to organize different events while partnering with the best racers in the industry. They ultimately want to provide a host of benefits to the local community and are currently working on building the biggest racing brand Web3.

The CBC stands up against inequality

The RSC strongly opposes inequality. The financial entry requirements to enter racing are a barrier for many, driving a wedge between those who can afford to get into the world of racing and those who cannot. Additionally, there is gender inequality in racing which is a big problem, and RSC aims to raise awareness in hopes of addressing this. This is why RSC decided to fight against this kind of prejudice while supporting the pilots in their racing journey. 30% of all royalties will be placed in the fund, generated through secondary market fees from trades made. The system will also have a “DAO structure,” giving the community the ability to vote on important decisions, such as where the money goes and who gets what kind of support.

The RSC fund is set up in such a way that it gives back to the racing community. Talented riders often find it difficult to compete against other riders just because they have more lucrative sponsorship deals or because they have parents who fund them. This is an important issue, and RSC aims not only to offer a solution to this problem, but also to raise awareness of how positive change can be brought about. Inequality should not be present these days, but unfortunately in some sectors, it is more present than ever. The main objective of RSC is to eradicate this inequality by solving two distinct problems.

The first is the financial problem, which will be alleviated through the use of the fund. The second would be the issue of gender inequality. In a recent AMA with RSC, Bianca Bustamante, a talented racing driver, pointed out that female drivers find it harder to compete in sports like this just because they are so male dominated. People assume that running is a male sport, which fuels the problem of gender inequality. This is something the RSC fund intends to work on until there is no longer a distinction between men and women in the sport of running. Community influence will also play a major role in deciding which runner will be supported by the fund. This gives the sector as a whole the chance to benefit while solving the critical issues that have plagued the industry for some time.

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