The Rotary Club of Edinburgh helped buy a fire truck for the town of Chernihiv in Ukraine

The device was received by the Chernihiv Fire and Rescue Service today (June 13) and given a traditional garden hose to celebrate its arrival.

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After the Siege of Chernihiv and heavy shelling, the Chernihiv Fire and Rescue Service realized that they needed a specialized rescue device that would allow them to rescue residents trapped in high-rise buildings.

Mr. Pesenkov found a fire truck for sale, fitted with a 30-meter-long extension ladder, but discovered that it would cost $50,000 to buy, upgrade and deliver to Ukraine from Austria.

Fortunately, the Edinburgh club took action and devised a strategy to purchase and send the fire truck to Chernihiv.

The club, along with co-sponsors from two U.S. districts, applied for grants from Rotary International, which has a Ukrainian Disaster Fund to fund relief projects to support Ukrainian citizens. Rotarians around the world have raised more than $15 million for this fund, and grants of up to $25,000 are available for Rotary districts that create suitable projects.

The Chernihiv Fire and Rescue Service received the much-needed fire truck on Monday.

Grants were quickly approved, setting the wheels in motion for the delivery of the fire truck. The vehicle was driven to Latvia, on the Polish-Ukrainian border, before making the final leg of the journey to Chernihiv.

The device will be used to help rescue residents trapped in high-rise buildings in Chernihiv.