The UK P&I Club supports seafarers in crisis

The UK P&I Club, a leading provider of P&I insurance and other services to the international maritime community, has once again demonstrated its commitment to the welfare of seafarers by funding the Response Network crises of the Sailors’ Society.

Announced ahead of World Maritime Day tomorrow (Thursday 29 September), the Club’s contribution will fund the costs of two trained crisis responders. They will provide vital advice and ongoing care to seafarers, their families and businesses following a traumatic incident such as abandonment, accident, ambush or natural disaster.

The maritime charity’s Sailors’ Society Crisis Response Network is a free service, run by 37 trained crisis responders around the world.

Patrick Ryan, Director of Sustainability and Head of Club Secretariat at the UK P&I Club, said: “The UK P&I Club is delighted to be working with the Sailors’ Society and contributing to this important service.

“While many efforts are made to prevent accidents and other traumatic events, and to care for the mental health of seafarers more generally, it is essential to ensure that appropriate support is in place. for seafarers if and when they need it. The Sailors’ Society’s Crisis Response Network provides seafarers with the support they may need, 24/7, all year round.

The service, which receives additional support from the TK Foundation and Seafarers’ Charity, has been running for seven years and also helps raise awareness of mental health, stress and trauma, as well as providing training in the prevention of suicide and coping techniques.

In 2021, the Crisis Response Network handled more than 100 cases helping nearly 1,000 seafarers, with piracy being the dominant problem. So far in 2022, the majority of cases are due to abandonment, bereavement, accidents and health issues.

Sara Baade, CEO of the Sailors’ Society, said, “We provide frontline trauma care, supporting the physical and mental recovery and rehabilitation of survivors, ultimately helping them reintegrate into their communities and return to their jobs. . Unfortunately, threats such as piracy, abandonment and accidents are a reality for sailors today, but the Sailors’ Society Crisis Response Network is there to help, whatever the crisis. .

“We are extremely grateful to the UK P&I Club for their generous support, enabling this vital service to be there for seafarers when they need it most.”

A recent case involved a second officer whose mental health had deteriorated and had suicidal thoughts as a result. The ship was not due to dock for at least a week and the crew were deeply concerned for their colleague. The Crisis Response Network was contacted and advised the officer and his crewmates until they arrived in port and could receive further assistance from local health authorities.
Source: P&I Club of the UK