Video interview: Bodega takes its book club to the dance floor

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In a new episode of The Alternative’s music interview show To be involvedBodega’s Nikki Belfiglio and Ben Hozie spoke to Molly Mary O’Brien about their new album broken equipmentwhich takes existential commentary for a spin on the dance floor.

There aren’t many bands that could turn a philosophical book club into a punk jam album, but there aren’t many bands like Bodega either. The Brooklyn quintet’s third album broken equipment (continued from 2018 Endless Scroll and 2019 Shiny new model EP) was inspired by literary encounters led by bassist Adam See, who, when not sustaining the low end of Bodega grooves, teaches philosophy.

Judicious doses of Heidegger and Nietzsche influenced the songwriting, resulting in extremely groovy tunes like “Makerswhich confuse the culture, andStatuette On The Consolea song about wasting instantly obsolete tech products (the video of which features a giant dongle-shaped pillow).

Check out this episode of To be involved featuring Bodega to discover what being and timepercussive syllables and The Grateful Dead had to do with their recording process.

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