Vivrelle’s Luxury Showroom, Social Club Caters to Midtown Set – WWD

The Vivrelle luxury accessories club (don’t call it rental) hasn’t stopped growing and its members are at the forefront.

On Monday, the company unveiled its sprawling new 14,000-square-foot showroom and social club in Manhattan’s NoMad neighborhood, near hotels like the Ace Hotel and numerous restaurants.

Founded in September 2018 by newlyweds Blake and Wayne Geffen, the company has seen triple-digit growth as well as injecting a $26 million funding round in 2021. Today, the platform has dozens of thousands of members who can access coveted creators. bags and jewelry as their appetite changes.

While users must be 18 or older to borrow from Vivrelle (in accordance with its subscription policy eliminating any irresponsible borrower), the space is open to all members. Membership levels start at “Premier” at $39 per month (for jewelry up to $1,000 retail value), “Classic” at $99 per month (for jewelry and bags up to 4 $000), “couture” at $199 per month (for couture-worthy bags and borrowed jewelry, including limited-edition items), and “couture+” at $279 per month (for borrowing from the classic and couture levels ).

The space channels the “Soho House of luxury handbags,” according to Wayne Geffen, who said customers can elevate their experience beyond their wardrobe with the benefit of the Members Lounge (including cocktails , coffee and tequila on tap) and work space at no additional cost. cost to them.

“There will also be immersive experiences as we continue to open up and grow,” added Blake Geffen, in a phone interview with the two co-founders. Brand collaborations are also on the agenda as the first VIP event kicks off on Tuesday.

Upon entering the space, members check in to a concierge bar with a backdrop of merchandise, be it Fendi, Chloe, Chanel or YSL, as emblems of the company’s extensive selection. To the right of check-in is an open work area, anchored by sofas and low plush armchairs in neutral tones. The lounge and central bar were designed by New York interior designer Hilary Matt.

The Vivrelle showroom concierge bar has a backdrop of designer bags.

A variety of Gucci bags (to call a brand from the sea) are stacked up to five rows deep under the windows. The dense product display is understandable given that the second floor of the showroom – just steps from the bar and dining room – serves as a warehouse and distribution center.

In all his handbag glory, Mr. Geffen envisions a bright future in the new Vivrelle space. There’s even a Vivrelle-branded claw machine with bags to boot (yes, like those found in arcades where players usually claw stuffed toys; and yes, players can keep, for free, anything they can obtain their claw simply by pressing a token provided by the company). In the past, the company operated a showroom on 27th Street. This time it’s different, and the goal has a much broader scope.

A complete dining room with Vivrelle claw machine.

Vivrelle members can dine and play to win a free purse at the Vivrelle claw machine.

“The goal is that we want you to spend time there, to know the products, to know the brand… Everything, whether it’s having a cup of coffee or having a glass of wine with another member, to sit around the products and have a conversation with our team,” he said. “Those are all things that I think are super important. We’re not talking about rentals anywhere in our communication. We’re not a rental site or a transactional site. It’s really meant to be an experience – a virtual extension of your wardrobe and how you see your wardrobe is simply different with Vivrelle.

Members can visit the free bar in the Vivrelle Midtown showroom and social club.

Members can visit the free bar in the Vivrelle Midtown showroom and social club.