WH Smith 2022 Dog Calendars, The Works, Calendar Club and more

Dogs Make Everything Better and just saved 2022 with these adorable calendars.

If your New Year’s resolution was to be more organized but you need a little motivation, look no further.

We’ve rounded up the cutest dog calendars from all of your favorite brands.

Check out our top picks from The Works, WH Smith, Calendar Club and more.

Two Labrador puppies in a meadow. Credit: Canva

Dog calendars for 2022

The works

Cute Dogs 2022 Square Calendar and Planner Set

What could be better than an adorable dog calendar? An adorable dog calendar and planner set, this is what.

The Works offers this cute set that includes everything from Labrador puppies to baby King Charles Spaniels.

Its suggested retail price is £ 12, but you can now grab it for the absolute bargain price of £ 1.50.

Take it home with you via The Works website.

WH Smith

Spiro Puppies Calendar 2022

Your heart will melt at this adorable puppy calendar that starts off strong with a sleeping King Charles Spaniel puppy.

With an adorable puppy for each month, it’s hard to resist this spiro calendar at the best of times.

Now that the schedule has changed from £ 10 to £ 4, that is frankly impossible.

Pick it up through the WH Smith website.

Gazette: Seven adorable dogs.  Credit: CanvaSeven adorable dogs. Credit: Canva

Club Calendar

Calling all dog lovers, if you are looking for a calendar featuring your favorite breed then Calendar Club is the place to go.

Whether you’re crazy about Corgis or crazy about Westies, the calendar company has slashed prices by up to 40% now.

This Staffordshire Bull Terrier 2022 calendar has been reduced by 40% and could be yours for just £ 3.59.

If you can’t get enough of pugs, this 2022 calendar features 12 unique months of perfect pug photos for just £ 5.99.

And to make sure 2022 is your year, you can also purchase this Little Dogs Trust Diary to go with it.

The newspaper is 20% off and will set you back £ 4.79 with £ 1 of the sale going direct to the charity for the animals.

Card factory

Square Dog Calendar 2022

There is nothing cuter than dogs – except dogs in party hats, Halloween clothes, and reindeer antlers.

Add these perfect doggies to your cart and enjoy a year full of beautiful puppy photos.

Enjoy the monthly surprise as each puppy’s outfit is tailored to the season with spring through winter dog treats.

It could be yours for just £ 2.00.

Purchase this puppy calendar through the Card Factory website.