What benefits does the Sam’s Club Auto program offer?

You may think Sam’s Club is a place to buy in bulk. That’s not all it has to offer, however. You may also consider a membership if you are planning a car buying adventure for a new or used vehicle. The Sam’s Club Auto Buying Program makes the process easier, helps buyers save money on cars, and offers a variety of benefits.

What is the Sam’s Club Auto Buyer Program?

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In addition to the various other benefits of being a Sam’s Club member, customers can purchase a vehicle through the Sam’s Club Auto Buyer Program. This service, explains iSeeCars and Nexstar Media Wire, connects customers to the 10,000 participating TrueCar certified dealerships.

Interested car buyers first obtain a Sam’s Club membership through the club’s website or a store. The Sam’s Club Auto Buyer Program is available with all membership levels, ranging in price from $45 to $100 per year. Those unsure if paying for a membership is worth it can check out the Sam’s Club Auto Buy Program website. It’s easy to browse vehicles and see actual estimated prices.

Whether they’re looking for a new or used vehicle, including electric vehicles, the service’s website lets shoppers filter to find the cars they want to choose from. To check availability and member price, buyers must enter their details. After receiving pricing options from local TrueCar certified dealers, buyers can contact dealers of their choice to finalize the purchase. Some dealerships are part of the TrueCar Buy from Home program, so they’ll complete the sale online and deliver the vehicle to the buyer’s home, FindTheBestCarPrice reports. There are also options to sell your current car. Sellers quickly see the value of the vehicle and get a cash offer.

What are the benefits of the auto purchase program?

The Sam’s Club Auto Buyer Program saves members money in several ways. New car buyers save an average of $3,463 off MSRP with a pre-negotiated price. Members also have access to additional benefits worth over $2,000 after registering the vehicle in the program within 45 days of purchase. Outside of New York and New Hampshire, offers include reimbursement of 20% of the cost of repairs, up to $500 twice a year, and reimbursement of insurance claim deductibles, up to $500 twice. times a year.

The program also makes buying a vehicle stress-free. The program’s website makes it easy to collect information from many dealerships and includes information about what other local buyers have paid for the same vehicle models. Other benefits include reduced prices for tires and their installation, batteries and other vehicle items through Sam’s Club Tire Center. Members also get discounts on gas and have flat tires repaired, batteries tested and wiper blades repaired for free. After purchasing a vehicle, owners also have access to advice from a certified mechanic as needed.

What’s not great about the Sam’s Club Auto Buying Program?

Some buyers will love the pre-negotiated prices through the Sam’s Club Auto Buying Program, but that also means buyers can’t bargain. There is also no guarantee that the price will be the lowest. The Sam’s Club Auto Buying Program does not offer financing, so buyers will need to work with the dealership or a bank or credit union to set it up. The program is only intended for the purchase of new or used vehicles, so it is not useful for customers who prefer to lease.

Since the program only shows vehicles associated with TrueCar dealerships, other local options may not be listed on the website. There are several discounts available, but there are no insurance offers under the program.

Sam’s Club isn’t the only way to access the TrueCar vehicle network and earn benefits, LendingTree points out. Navy Federal Credit Union, AAA, AARP and Consumer Reports also have programs similar to the Sam’s Club Auto Buying Program. Costco also has its own vehicle purchase program. Although all of these services have a cost to use them, the Sam’s Club Auto Buyer Program offers an easy way to buy a new or used vehicle, and membership will also get you benefits and products. bulk groceries.

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