What happens when a book club goes wrong

Robyn’s reign over the book-loving group is turned upside down by the arrival of a new member, Katie, who is outspoken and unafraid to speak his mind.

“Robyn is incredibly bright and competitive, but she always felt like the second best,” says Raison. “Managing the club gives him a moment in the sun. And Katie, who is his exact opposite, turns that around.

Chantelle Jamieson, who plays Katie, says her character’s unabashed and carefree qualities are liberating.

“Typically, women are conditioned to be nicer,” she says. “Tracey’s play begs the question of what kind of a good woman are you? How do you censor yourself? How do you contain yourself in everyday life? “

“The book club group loves each other, but they still behave like good women. Katie is not that. She puts that out of place, opens up a more honest way of being with these women, even though she upsets a lot of people.

Trinder, whose long career as a writer and story editor for television shows included At home and away, MDA, McLeod’s daughters, All saints and more, died in 2021. Kill Katie was his first foray into stage writing.

“I don’t have the words to not have Tracey here to see the play,” says Jamieson. “We’ve worked with her on it and it’s a joy that we can pay tribute to her by putting it on.”


As a tribute, Ensemble Theater launched the Tracey Trinder Playwright’s Award, offering $ 7,500 and a full season production Ensemble for a comedy or dramatic comedy not produced by a playwright, including trans writers and / or different genres.

“Tracey had a fantastic laugh and a brilliant sense of humor,” says Savige. “She was fascinated by how our friendships and allegiances can help us get to know each other for better or for worse. ″ ⁣

The Ensemble’s box office was buzzing with real members of the book club buying tickets, curious to see art imitate life.

“I was watching one of the most tense scenes in the room and suddenly I thought, ‘What if people see themselves too clearly in the room? ”, Says Savige. “Maybe there will be breakups in book clubs. I hope we will have some very lively discussions in the foyer afterwards.

Killing Katie: Confessions From A Book Club, Ensemble Theater, until February 26, ensemble.com.au