What is the black eye club on TikTok? The conspiracy theory explained

THERE is a conspiracy theory on TikTok that links black-eyed celebrities and politicians to the Illuminati, QAnon, and even a reptilian race takeover.

While most black eyes are usually accidental and can occur in different ways, conspiracy theorists claim otherwise.


Kanye West showed up to Paris fashion week with bruise near his eyeCredit: Splash

What is the black eye club on TikTok?

The black eye club on ICT Tac is all based on the conspiracy that the upper echelon of our society collectively get black eyes from specific initiation rituals, among other outlandish theories.

The hashtag #blackeyeclub has 3.7 million views, with many videos claiming that celebrities like Kanye West, Justin Beiber, Pope Francisand even Reese Witherspoon all took place in rituals to join the Illuminati.

A simple Google search will show that these celebrities have indeed all had black eyes; however, they also tend to have explanations that make sense.

The conspiracy deepens when you consider that it’s most often the left eye that gets bruised, but then most people are right-handed, which means the left eye is more likely to take the brunt of it. a punch.

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Also, it was pointed out that drivers in the United States drive on the left side of their car, which means that a car accident could theoretically send them to the left side of the car, where the left eye.

Additionally, Black Eye Club believers have pointed out that celebrities pay large sums for security to prevent them from being attacked.

However, that explanation doesn’t take into account stunts gone wrong during filming, car crashes, or even crowds of fans reaching out to touch them.

What other conspiracy theories are linked to the Black Eye Club?

Some conspiracy theorists claim that QAnon is responsible for black eyes.

They claim the black eyes are the result of injections of a chemical called adrenochrome, which they say is filtered from children’s blood and injected into adults to give them a youthful appearance.

A third conspiracy theory that has many believers online is that of soul scalping.

Even Pope Francis was tagged as a member of the black eye club


Even Pope Francis was tagged as a member of the black eye clubCredit: Getty

In other words, people who believe this is the case believe that reptiles are taking over the world and they start with the elite.

Their theories range from slimy snakes that are incredibly intelligent, taking over the human body through their left mouth or eye, and studying each individual’s behaviors until they take control of their souls.

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So, is the black-eye club real?

There is a black-eyed celebrity model.

However, these span from the 90s to the present day, so it’s not like they’re happening simultaneously.

Also, although celebrities have security teams, it’s easy to overlook the amount of physical labor that goes into many of their jobs.