Where to watch and read Pretty Boy Detective Club

Immerse yourself in the intriguing escapades of the cutest detective boys with Pretty Boy Detective Club – here’s how to read and watch it.

There’s a reason people are drawn to detective stories. Rather than watching the heroes beat issues with their fists or use magic to end conflict, there is something romantic about using the intellect to solve puzzles and uncover secrets. As such, who better than a group of handsome young men to take on the task of solving the world’s puzzles?

Pretty Boys Detective Club mixes grace and style with alluring puzzles to create what it would look like if Ouran High School Host Club was about great detectives. For those looking for a mystery series with an extra touch of class that solves more than just murders, here’s a guide to enjoy. Pretty Boys Detective Club in all its forms.

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The plot of Pretty Boy Detective Club

Dojima is approached by Manabu in the featured episode of Pretty Boy Detective

Mayumi Dojima is a modest college girl with a penchant for stargazing. As a child, she was inspired when she saw a radiant star shine in the night on a family vacation. Unable to track down the star and on the verge of giving up her dreams, she is approached by Manabu Sotoin, an eccentric boy who brings her to an unofficial detective agency run by his school’s art room known as by Pretty Boy Detective Club.

Led by Manabu, the club consists of four other stunning young men: student president Nagahiro Sakiguchi, greedy delinquent Michiru Fukuroi, track star Hyota Ashikaga and corporate heir Sosaku Yubiwa. Together, they help Mayumi embark on a quest to reclaim her star and discover herself. Ultimately, Mayumi decides to pose as a young man herself to join them as they take on more cases and pursue all things beautiful and mysterious.

Where to read the Pretty Boy Detective Club light novels

Pretty Boy Detective Group for the Light Romance

Pretty Boys Detective Club began as a series of light novels by the writer of Monogatari NisiOisiN series. Originally intended to be a group of characters within his Bōkyaku Tantei (“The Forgetful Detective”), their creator liked the concept so much that he decided to give them their own series. The first volume was published in 2015, kicking off the 12-book series.

The novels began receiving English localizations in 2020 from Kodansha USA’s Vertical Publishing House. The first three translated volumes are currently physically available from booksellers such as Barnes & Noble, Books A Million and Kinokuniya. Digital copies are also sold for Kindle, Nook, and Google Play Store. In addition to the main series, NisiOisiN wrote two short crossover stories between Pretty Boys Detective Club and the Monogatari series, both published in the Mazemonogatari anthology.

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Where to read the Pretty Boy Detective Club manga

Pretty Boy detectives pose for a manga

As of April 28, 2016, Kodansha is no longer available Aria, a monthly magazine of shoujo and josei, began publishing a manga adaptation of Pretty Boys Detective Club, which at the time consisted of only three novels. Illustrated by Suzuka Oda, who also drew for a manga adaptation of Psychic Detective Yakumo, the manga features distinctly original character designs. While the Japanese tankobon brings the series together in five volumes, the English combines the first four into two double omnibuses.

The English version of volume 5 is slated for release on January 11, 2022. Print versions of the manga are sold through retailers like Amazon, Right Stuf, and Walmart, each also selling the light novels. In addition to the standard eReader stores, e-books of the manga are available through Book Walker, Apple Books, and Izneo.

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Where to watch the Pretty Boy Detective Club anime

All the Pretty Boy detectives on a couch

Announced via an insert in the tenth volume of the Light Novels, fans learned of an upcoming anime adaptation in November 2019. As of its April 2021 release, the series has been directed by Akiyuki Shinbo and Hajime Ootani, who also all have two realized the animated versions. from Monogatari series. Among other things, it stars Maaya Sakamoto as Mayumi, who quite interestingly voiced Haruhi Fujioka in Ouran High School Host Club.

Over the course of 12 episodes, the show covers the storylines of volumes 1-4 and volume 6 of the novels. Currently, the anime is a Funimation streaming exclusive, which simultaneously airs the series while it airs. Funimation also did a full dub that Premium members can stream at their leisure.

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