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Woodruff Farm, along with the Champaign County Sheepman’s Association and the Champaign County OSU Extension, will launch a new 4-H Lamb Club that will allow children to show off sheep at the 2022 Champaign County Fair. without any disbursement.

FFA members are also encouraged to participate in the project.

This will help young people to get involved who might not have convenient space for lambs or cattle in their home. Accommodation will be provided, courtesy of The Woodruff Farm on US Route 36 in Urbana. Food and supplies will also be provided by generous sponsors.

Any 4-H or FFA member or aspiring member will be invited to take on this project regardless of past experience.

Woodruff’s will hire an intern to help exhibitors learn how to care for animals, learn additional skills related to their project, and practice showmanship.

Thanks to generous sponsors throughout the community, this project is free from the start. After the sale of the animal at the 2022 fair, a settlement will be made regarding the costs of the project.

Todd Woodruff explained the goal behind this project.

“Our intention is to help any 4-H or FFA members who may need a place to keep their pet, learn, get help, education and show training,” said Woodruff. . “We will find their project lamb and fund their project until their projects are sold. The main goal is for children to have fun and learn.

“I wanted to expand the positive opportunities for the county’s children,” said Dan Bline of the Champaign County Sheepman’s Association. “It’s a wonderful opportunity for the kids to get involved. They will receive excellent training.

“Our original idea is to start with lambs, but if we get tons of kids, we talked about expanding in the future,” said Melinda Ryan, 4-H educator.

Lambs will be supplied to exhibitors by local breeders and the Champaign County Sheepman’s Association.

The responsibilities and objectives of the exhibitor are listed below:

1) Complete and return the application and essay by February 20, 2022.

2) Sign the agreement with the parent / guardian.

3) Show up to take care of the animal on time.

4) Communicate with the intern at Woodruff Farms.

5) Feed and water the animals.

6) Keep animal enclosures clean.

7) Halter break the animal to lead and learn to show without a halter.

8) Meet show presentation requirements including attendance at meetings, clinics, quality assurance and skills marathons.

9) Animal exhibition at the county fair.

10) Sell the animal at the county fair.

11) Make payment for the project following the sale at the fair.

12) Keep the profit of the project.

13) Have fun.

Interested youth, 4-H and FFA members must complete an application by February 20 in order to take up the project. For applications, questions or to donate food or supplies for the projects, contact Bline at (937) 206-1673 or dan_bline@frontier.com or Ryan with the OSU extension office at ryan. 1608@osu.edu or (937) 484-1526.

Todd Woodruff (center), Dan Bline (right) with the Champaign County Sheepman’s Association, 4-H Youth Development Educator Melinda Ryan and aspiring 4-H member Finn Haller visit the barn where the lambs will be housed.

Project available for 4-H and FFA members

Contact Anna at (937) 508-2303