Worcester Norton Cricket Club receives £1.4m funding

CITY cricket club bosses have secured £1.4million in funding to build a new community centre.

Worcester Norton Cricket Club have secured funds to build a new community center through S106 funding awarded to them by Wychavon District Council.

The funding will be used to develop a new community center and change rooms on the grounds.

Kevin Fincher, chairman of the parish council and chairman of the Worcester Norton Community Interest Company (CIC), said: “£1.4m is going to be spent on the site.

“We want the community to use this place.

“I lived near here for 26 years, when I arrived there was a great community ethic.

“We’re trying to reclaim it and make it more welcoming to the community.

Over the years the site has become a popular place for children and dog walkers.

“When Brockhill was built, this site was supposed to be the local green space, but it has always been private.

“The money is for new development. It’s public money, so it should be used for the benefit of the public.”

Mr Fincher said Worcester Norton CIC had applied for a 40-year lease from Worcester Norton Cricket Club in order to begin construction.

“Assuming we get a lease at the end of the month, which we hope. Work should start around June or July.

“We know the money is available, but we just need the lease. It will take a year to complete.”

The committee expressed their enthusiasm for welcoming the local community of Norton to use the new community center.

Although money has been secured for the new community centre, the Worcester Norton Community Interest Company and Worcester Norton Cricket Club are also seeking funds to renovate the Grade II listed buildings on the site.