Worcester Warriors: Jim O’Toole has the money to save the club

Business partners Jim O’Toole and James Sandford have insisted they have the cash to rescue the rugby club from its financial crisis.

Former Warriors manager Jim O’Toole and his partner James Sandford, who run Atlas Worcester Warriors Rugby Club Limited, have drawn up an offer that will provide financial security for the club.

In a statement posted on their website, the couple said: “We have the funds, a new management team, an interim board of key local business people ready to go, a fundraising program to long term and a business model that will work to support the rugby operation.

“Essentially we are ready to start moving funds for Sunday to happen if needed.”

But they insist the club must go into administration for them to be saved.

“We and other key stakeholders remain committed that the only viable solution to the current crisis is for the club to enter administration. We are ready, willing and able to fund the administration process.

“With the current owners unwilling to go down this route, that decision now rests with DCMS via their charge related to their large loan. of the club to address their pressing solvency issues.”