Yacht Club Games’ Mina the Hollower fundraising campaign continues via Pledge Box

After its month-long campaign, the next Kickstarter title for Yacht Club Games, Mina the Hollower, is officially over. The campaign ended on March 3, but the developer found a way to continue the fundraising campaign after consumer feedback as well as a willingness to meet the rest of its lofty goals.

“During our Kickstarter campaign, we received a bunch of requests for alternative options to support the project,” Yacht Club said on the Mina the Hollower Kickstarter page. “We also heard from some people who found out about the campaign days after it ended. We have finally ironed out the details and are thrilled to announce that we are launching a Slacker Backer campaign via Pledge Box for Mina the Hollower!”

The developer describes Pledge Box as “a crowdfunding platform that connects to Kickstarter campaigns.” On Pledge Box are all the same reward tiers that were available on the original Kickstarter campaign aside from those that had a limited number of slots.

The campaign currently has a total funded of $1,239,584 at the time of writing and the Yacht Club is trying to push for it to reach the ultimate goal of $1,400,000. When announcing the continuation of the campaign, Yacht Club Games did not specify how long fans should be able to support the project. So, if this is something you have been missing and interested in, it would be better to invest your money in it as soon as possible.

Mina the Hollower has an estimated release window of December 2023. The specific platforms that will initially be available at launch have yet to be determined.