YK Osiris Joking Receives $65,000 Debt Consolidation Check From Barstool Sports

Debt free is the way to be! If it looks like YK Osiris has finally found relief to pay off all the debt he owes. The singer owes money to people left and right, from Lil Baby to the recently paid Drake. With all the buzz surrounding his debt from making multiple bets, Barstool sports decided to step in and help Osiris clear his name. In an episode of the YouTube series “Sundae Conversation”, Osiris explained how he got into the debt situation to begin with.

Host Caleb Pressley asked him, “Why do you owe so many people money?” While laughing and showing his perfectly white teeth, the ‘Worth It’ singer replied, “I don’t make smart bets. I just jump in the water and swim. Osiris then asked Caleb: ‘Es you gone to save me?” Caleb came over and handed her a check for $65,000.

As Osiris sat there laughing, Caleb asked if the debt consolidation check was enough to cover his debt? Still laughing, Osiris explained, “I need more than this man. How can I get more? How much do I owe you on interest? Caleb told her they would worry about it later. Although it seemed like a joke, Osiris was in good spirits about the show. The housemates liked the video and the majority of the comments were about the beauty of her teeth.

One commented, “That’s the smile for me.” Another commented: “At least he doesn’t flex like he has the racks. Even if he was buying earrings for $300,000. If you remember last month, Osiris published a $60,000 reward for his missing diamond earring, he lost. Osiris has not revealed whether the earring, which cost $325,000, has yet been found. Roommates, leave a comment and let us know what you think of the clip?!

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